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NEW! Cardboard Paper Cat Bed

Created with pressed, cardboard paper that has been recycled, fully biodegradable and nontoxic, our cat bed is an environment-conscious choice that is both fun and mighty-safe. The inviting design of our cardboard pet box in combination with the smooth surface provides with an irresistible spot for your fuzzy pet to relax, stretch or play. 

Play or Relax a Kitten-Heaven

There’s some things that cats simply cannot resist and one of them, is cardboard material. Our cat bed is created with 100% recycled, biodegradable paper, features a really smooth surface and can accommodate any size cats or kittens as it measures 15.75” diameter, 4.33” deep, 17.7” base.

Rainbow Cat Scratcher


Featuring a practical design which sees it spot an attractive color and a soft texture, your cat is surely going to feel comfortable scratching it and will love to rest on it. It also can be used as a cat bed or lounge area.

Innovative Design

This cat scratcher comes an innovative design which sees it come in two colors(orange or black), surface types (flat surface type and triangle shape with slope), and an ideal size for easier scratching & a more comfortable place to rest & play. It is the best present/gift for your cat or any cat owner.

Our Quality Promise

The Rainbow Cat Scratcher is made from a genuine and original combination of high-quality materials to provide your cat with a tool that aids scratching, exercise and stay healthy without having to worry about too much debris or spoiling your furniture. So, we are sure you will love the quality it offers.

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