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  • How does the BlackHole Litter Mat Work?
    The BlackHole Litter Mat has been innovatively designed with 2 layers so that cat litter falls through the holes on the top layer, and then gets trapped on the bottom layer. Making it so that there isn’t any messy stray cat litter outside of the litter box once your cat has finished using it. The layers can also easily be split apart so you can throw away all the trapped litter.
  • What is the BlackHole Litter Mat Made Out of and is it Safe for Cats?
    The BlackHole Litter Mat is manufactured in South Korea and is made from premium non-toxic EVA foam, making it safe and comfortable for your cat to use. The EVA foam used in our litter mat is the same material used in children’s play mats, ensuring it’s safe for both humans and cats. This material is also incredibly durable and scratch resistant. If the product has a new rubber smell upon opening it, we recommend letting it air out for one day (not in direct sunlight) to eliminate it.
  • How is the BlackHole Litter Mat Different from Other Litter Mats?
    The Blackhole Litter Mat’s top layer has a honeycomb “dome shape” (US patent #US D745749S) to it so that when your cat finishes using the litter box and steps onto it, the litter trapped between their paws falls between the holes and into the bottom layer. The litter then sits collected in this layer until you’re ready to clean it out. Other common types of litter mats simply have the litter sit on the top layer or fall onto the floor below the mat if it does have holes in it.
  • What Type of Cat Litter Can I Use with the BlackHole Litter Mat?
    The BlackHole Litter Mat supports all types and brands of cat litter including, clay, crystal, wheat, pine, clumping, walnut, small pallets, and washable granules. Each hole on the top layer of the mat is about 0.25 inches wide in diameter.
  • Can I Wash the Blackhole Litter Mat?
    Yes! The BlackHole Litter Mat is fully washable so that when it gets dirty, you can clean it using soap and water. When its cleaned, let it air dry and make sure to avoid direct sunlight. Please do not use a washing machine to clean it.
  • What Sizes and Colors does the BlackHole Litter Mat Come in?
    BlackHole Litter Mat comes in a variety of great colors to better match your room décor or personal home style. - Extra Large 36” x 25” x 0.5” - Large 30” x 23” x 0.5” - Medium 23” x 21” x 0.5” ​- Cat Head Shape 23” x 21” x 0.5” Large Size Mat Colors: Dark Gray, Beige, Vivid Green, Pink Other Size Mat Colors: Dark Gray, Beige
  • What do I do if My Cat Keeps Urinating on it?
    We recommend using pet odor and stain remover products to remove the ammonia scent from the BlackHole Litter Mat. It’s also a good idea to clean the mat using soap and water. If it continues to happen, place a pet absorbent pad in the middle of the mat between the two layers to make cleaning easier. Also make sure that the litter box is clean and that you’re using enough litter and have enough boxes for your cats.
  • My Cat Keeps Jumping Out of the Box, what do I do?
    Because of the BlackHole Litter Mat’s soft material and cushion like texture against your cat’s feet, they will quickly become more comfortable using it once they step on it. When using a high-sided litter box, we recommend placing the litter box entrance facing the wall and placing the BlackHole Litter Mat between the wall and litter box. This will encourage your cat to step on the litter mat when entering and exiting the litter box.
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