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YOGI Pet Supply

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Yogi Pet Door Mount allow your pet go in & out of closed door without the hassle of constantly having to open the door. This is specially designed for interior doors, allows your pet to go in & out of room safely. Yogi Pet Door Mount works for dogs and cats of all sizes and heights.

Anti-Bacterial Yogi Food Bowl is antibacterial food bowl for your pet. It is made with premium material, Zeomic. With FDA and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved, Yogi Food Bowl inhibits bacterial growth up to 98.7%.
Zeomic is the worlds first inorganic antimicrobial agent with superior safety, sustainability, heat resistance.
Yogi Food Bowl is a safe, convenient, and stylish food bowl that is 100% about quality that is specially designed for your pet.

The Yogi Food Clip, made with Zeomic, is a treat-release toy that will help your dog practice eating slowly and also stimulates his mind. It will enrich dog's life as it can be a nose work game, a challenge to get the treat. It also works as a deodorizer and it is a safe, clean, and fun toy for your dog!

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